Happy 3 Buffet+ "EXP. 31/7/2019"

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Happy 3 Buffet+ 

Voucher is valid at Harbor Pattaya only.

(Get this offer from December 25 to February 10, 2019)

Vouchers can be used from December 25, 2018 to August 10, 2019

*Choose 3 Zones from 11 Zones**


Play zones: HarborLand, JumpZ, Deep Climbing Gym, Laser Battle, RollerLand, SnowLand, AdventureLand, LittleLand, Little Bike, WonderLand, The Rink


Terms & conditions

  • 1 voucher per 1 player. Applicable for a single use only.
  • 1 ticket is able to play 3 zones in Harborland Group*, unlimited passes in one day. 

              * Except Laser Battle is limited only 1 game (12 minutes).

              * In WonderLand, you can choose to play 1 round.

              * Except The Rink is limited only 1 round (90 minutes).

  • Free WonderLand 1 round.
  • Price is include necessary equipment (except anti-slip socks).
  • Voucher can be used every day, including weekend and holidays.(Accessible for player at any age/height)
  • Customers can use vouchers will be valid to July 31, 2019                
  • Voucher is valid at Harbor Pattaya only. Please present the purchase e-mail with your ID Card or Passport at Harborland Group Counter, 7th Floor Harbor Pattaya.
  • This voucher is not refundable, exchangeable, and we accept no liability for any loss.
  • We reserve the rights to change the terms & conditions or cancel any promotions at any time without prior notice.



  • To enter HarborLand, minimum 1 adult is required with kid.
  • Please make sure that you understand conditions before purchase and carefully follows terms and conditions each zone.
  • Order is non-refundable after the purchase order is confirmed and the payment is done.

For more information, please contact

Customer Service :
 +66 65 848 1000
 +66 65 848 2000

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