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Super Pass 990 buy 2 get 1 (Exp. 31 Dec 21)


Additional information

Super Pass (990) buy 2 get  1  (Exp. Dec.31, 2021) Receive voucher at HarborLand all branches

Voucher available from : 1 April  (8.00 AM) -  30 April 2021 (00.00 AM)

Voucher redeeming period : 1 April – 31 December 2021 (Receive voucher at HarborLand all branches)

Voucher valid from : 1 April 2021 - 31 December 2021


Terms & conditions 

• This voucher is a single use only all zone HarborLand Group and applicable for both kid or parent. Does not include anti-slip-cocks.

• This voucher can be used 1 pass all zones and all branches .

• Up to 2 Family name/Surname can be stated in 1 set of vouchers. (1 Voucher can use 2 surnames)

• Family name/Surname stated in this voucher cannot be changed in any circumstances.

• This voucher can be used everyday.

• This voucher can be used only at HarborLand Group all branches and include new branches that are opening for service in 2021.

• Please make sure that you understand conditions before play and carefully follow terms and conditions each branch.


• Please present the original ID card, driver license or passport of the main customer to claim your voucher.

• This voucher is applicable for a customer whose surname stated in the voucher only.

(ID card, driver license or passport is required)

• This voucher cannot be refunded or re-issued in any case.

• Terms & Conditions are subject to change without prior notice.

• We reserve the right to refuse the voucher. That has been crossed out or changed the last name. This voucher cannot be replaced or re-issued in any case.

• No voucher delivery service.

For more information, please contact

LINE ID: @harborland,

Phone: +66 65 848 1000, +66 89 332 1000 and +66 65 848 2000  

P.All Super Pass EXP.31.12.21
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